My niece asked me to buy a birthday gift for her 7-year-old birthday. Asking her what she likes and promising to meet any wish she makes, I was astonished, since she said that she wanted a lovely giraffe.

I did not want to make her have a feeling that adults were always cheating, and had to ask for help from friends. One of my friends said that all girls liked plush toys and it was a good idea to buy a lovely toy for her. But my niece had had so many toys and I could not make sure that she would like any other toys. In addition, she wanted a giraffe, not a toy. Suddenly, I got a great idea.

One of my friends told me a good online store, http://www.toyswill.com/ and I picked up a giraffe toy among those nici toys toyswill. I sent it to my niece that day. Seeing her round open eyes and mouth, and then a joyful smile, I was soothed.

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